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The Thinness of Care: The Promise of Medical Anthropology MD/PhD Training

Doing and Seeing: Cultivating a “Fractured Habitus” through Reflexive Clinician Ethnography

Public Policy and Health in the Trump Era

Helena Hansen, The Lancet Commission

Trump’s Racially Divisive Attack on the Affordable Care Act
Jonathan Metzl, U.S. News and World Report

Covid-19 will pass. Will we be able to say the same about the racism it has illuminated?
Morgan Medlock, MD. STAT News

Residents Lead Drive to Include Structural Competency in Medical Training
Psychiatric News- American Psychiatric Association 

‘Structural Competency’ Approach Takes Into Account Patients’ World
Psychiatric News- American Psychiatric Association 

America: equity and equality in health
Editorial, The Lancet

Social justice should be a key part of educating health professionals
By Michael Westerhaus, Amy Finnegan, Jennifer Goldsmith, Evan Lyon, Casey Fox, and Michelle Morse

OHSU teaches how societal structures impact health

Basic Income is Just What the Doctor Ordered

The Case for Structural Competency 

A New Way to Fight Health Disparities? 

With Understanding Comes Empowerment

Physicians Urged to Become ‘Political Advocates’ for Patients

Screening for poverty should be included in the medical curriculum

Income Inequality is Making Americans Sick

Health disparities: is inequality making us sick?

Physicians Highlight Overlooked Connection Between Social Needs and Health

Why I Protest: Dr. Arthur Chen of Oakland, Calif.

Housing Policy is Health Policy: Q&A with HUD’s Raphael Bostic

Poverty in childhood can shape neurobiology: study

Poverty Goes Straight to the Brain. WIRED.

Cultural Humility vs. Cultural Competence: A Critical Distinction