Structural Competency Networks and Training Materials

The following institutions and groups have developed their own structural competency training materials. Slide decks, facilitator guides and videos of prior trainings and curricula will be posted here for inspiration and adaptation.

When using and adapting these materials, please cite and credit the originating institution as appropriate.

Structural Competency Working Group (Bay Area)

*NEW* Structural Competency: Curriculum for Medical Students, Residents, & Interprofessional Teams on the Structural Factors that Produce Health Disparities

*NEW* UCSF Social Medicine Curriculum and Initiatives as of 2021

Open Access MedEdPortal publication of core curriculum with educational materials

Basic Slide Set for Trainings
Please see their website for videos of a 2016 structural competency training.

This training has been adapted for a variety of lengths and professional audiences. If you are looking for help with a specific adaptation, please contact the Structural Competency Working Group at



Sigmund Freud University


Artemisszió Foundation


Cairo University, Mansoura University, Alexandria University